Why should I seek virtual counseling?

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Virtual Counseling

The thought of seeking counseling support can bring forth a flood of questions. These could range from how to choose a counselor, where to find the kind of support you need, how much will it cost, will it be convenient and how will you manage time for sessions! Read on to learn how virtual support could meet your requirements and the 5 reasons why you should consider virtual counseling.

In search of empathy

Things can get overwhelming. Whether its work stress or expectations, worries associated with the past or future, conflicts in relationships, anxiety about finances, concerns about health, concerns about children, the fatigue of being a caregiver, or losing something or someone such as a loved one, a prized asset, or a pet.

Depending on the value associated with an event, our inherent attachment and perceived impact of the situation, we could lose balance and get off the track. These are just a few examples that can make us feel heavy, burdened, stressed and eventually impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

While we can and should reach out to our trusted friends or family members, occasionally the inhibition of getting judged or an inherent bias of the listener may still leave us at a place of wanting to be heard. The cloud of unexpressed feelings and emotions can fog our thought processes, making us vulnerable.

We could experience self-doubt, low confidence, poor self-esteem, a sense of emptiness, lack of clarity or a feeling of being isolated and alienated. When left unattended, this can lead to harmful outcomes.

Should you visit a counselor or opt for virtual counseling?

Take control before it’s late and seek professional help. In many situations, all we need is an empathetic, confidential and accepting space where someone just listens to us with an open heart and mind.

Counselors have and continue to play a vital role in mitigating health risks. You get a chance to express yourself fully, thereby releasing your stress and worries, real or perceived. Getting undivided attention, clubbed with empathetic listening, objectivity, and acceptance work as a catalyst to vent unexpressed and unidentified feelings.

Counseling can help clear the mind and lead to empowered actions. However, when you are ready to reach out to a counselor, you might grapple with questions such as how do I find a counselor, how much will a session cost, how to manage time, how far is the counseling center, or even think about the social stigma attached with visiting a counseling center.

If you find yourself inhibited with similar queries, consider virtual counseling. There are tangible benefits.

5 reasons why you should consider virtual counseling

Technology has brought the world a lot closer and help is just a call away! You can consult a counselor from the comfort of your home and in complete confidentiality. Say goodbye to traffic build-ups leading to reduced session-duration or even missed appointments.

Simply by using your phone or computer, you could find a counselor, make a payment to book an appointment, attend the session, and if necessary, reschedule or cancel an appointment, and also refer it to someone who needs it.

If you have been on the edge, virtual counseling could prove to be a smart choice. Besides accessibility, here are a few compelling reasons to consider a virtual session.

1. Save time and money

In face-to-face counseling services, one of the things that many clients had to plan for was the time to commute for their session. Often, they would try to prioritize all routine work. Mothers and homemakers, for instance, would seek a time when children are at school or house chores were complete and would want to rush back to keep up. Similarly, professionals found it hard to explain their absence to their managers, and sometimes, stayed back late at work to make up for ‘lost hours’.

Virtual counseling can help overcome such situations since you only have to plan, typically 50 minutes, and pay for the session. In other words, there are no additional requirements for time or cost.

2. Reduce the effort to seek help

We recently partnered on a documentary in support of those undergoing severe stress due to shock or trauma. One of the things that stood out from the research was the sheer lack of motivation to even get to the counseling center and how having some support right at the doorstep could have been easier to resolve issues.

When you opt for virtual counseling, you do not have to make that effort to dress-up for the world outside, put things in order to get to the session or worry about traffic build-ups. You just have to log into a call.

3. Get the flexibility when you need it

Being able to have a counseling session at a convenient time with the ease of your location means flexibility. When joining the session from work, you could be in a conference room or even your stationary car in a parking lot. If you have guests at home, you just need to excuse yourself for an hour to make an important phone call. The only consideration here is to have a private space without distractions. Besides, you can choose either an audio or video session from your phone or computer.

4. Ensure continuity

Face-to-face counseling sessions are prone to schedule disruptions, even during normal life events. Appointments need to be rescheduled or worse canceled when, say, you are moving your home, going on a vacation, a business tour, or when the counselor has to be away. Virtual counseling is not bound by such considerations of a common location. It brings continuity and ease for both the counselor and the client to conduct a session.

5. Boost confidentiality

While a counselor ensures complete confidentiality, clients might have additional concerns. They can get anxious about meeting someone familiar just outside a counseling center and then having to explain why they are visiting a psychologist. The social stigma associated with counseling is real and we recognize it. However, this should not stop anyone who needs help. When you seek virtual counseling, such chances are absent. Being on a phone or a video call is quite common these days and hence, does not raise eyebrows.

Virtual counseling is about convenience

Clients benefit from both, face-to-face as well as virtual counseling. For the counselor too, these are equal when it comes to providing the support that a client needs. However, virtual counseling is a package of accessibility, flexibility, continuity, and confidentiality clubbed with reduced costs and effort for the client. With all these benefits, don’t you think virtual counseling sessions do seem to be a convenient choice?

How Unakriti can help?

Would you like to move over self-doubt, stress, or negative emotions? How about professional assistance from the comfort of your home in complete confidentiality?

Consider booking a virtual counseling session. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Virtual Counseling and choose the plan that suits your needs.

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