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We believe everyone has multiple potentials, skills, and identities, and an innate ability to inspire others to realize their aspirations. Behind every dominant avatar of an analyst, health-specialist, lawyer, teacher, a parent or any other, lives a blogger, an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, photographer, or a healer. And vice-versa.

Everyone has the ability to tap their many avatars. However, everyone may not have the necessary skills to turn aspirations into reality or may not have a platform to share their stories. That’s where Unakriti comes in – as an enabler.

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Our Online Journey


Unakriti | Tap your avatars

Business website offering professional services plus a rebranded and diversified multi-author blog.


Backpacking Series | Slow Travel. Long Reads.

Multi-author blog with associated social media handles. Niche: North East India, Frugal travel, wilderness. Status: Popular travel blog rebranded to Unakriti.

October 10, 2011

Bottle Green Travel

WordPress-based travel blog with a dot com domain name from Network Solutions. Niche: Forests and national parks. Status: Experimental.

October 10, 2011

Penpala on Blogspot

The first attempt at blogging, well-researched articles. Niche: Various topics such as forests, project financing (re-published by Eco-Business), psychology, etc. Status: Dormant.


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You can explore and book some of our services online. You may also request a free consultation via a direct message on Facebook, Twitter or email. We are not always about work and enjoy connecting with people, listening to ideas, and adding some of our own. If you are in the same town as us, we’d be delighted to catch up over a few cups of chai. Indeed, you are welcome to follow us on social media and join an ever-growing tribe.


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Your feedback is mission-critical. Course-corrections keep us on the right track. If, while browsing our site, you had this ‘there’s-something-wrong-on-the-Internet’ moment, please write to us. We will see what we can do. We mean it!

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