Communication Skills Workshops

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Who conducts communication skills workshops?
Communications Skills Workshops

Communicate to influence

How about enhanced, empowered, and impactful communication?

Strong communication skills are among the top 5 skills to succeed at work and one among the top 10 skills to succeed at anything! A skill so vital for everyday situations, including business and interpersonal relationships, and yet one that remains invisible to many. We may not realize the importance of honing our communication until we reflect upon an unpleasant situation or a lost opportunity. Don’t wait for long. Invest in your development to practice awareness, active listening, body language, and many other aspects that make up for a good communicator. Begin your journey to communicate effectively. Begin your journey as an influencer.

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  • Appearance and body language
  • Verbal communication
  • Voice and tone
  • Self reflections
  • Powerful affirmations
  • Enhanced self awareness
  • * Click FAQs for details
  • Everything in Smart workshop
  • Communication barriers
  • Effective listening
  • Managing emotions
  • Communication styles
  • Empowered for interactions
  • Click FAQs for details
  • Everything in Core workshop
  • Assertive disagreements
  • Communication structures
  • Public speaking
  • Communication action plan
  • Enhanced social impact
  • Click FAQs for details

Communicate to influence

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Communication Skills Workshops

Strong communication skills are among the top 5 skills to succeed at work and one among top 10 skills to succeed in anything. If you relate with any or all of the questions mentioned here, then its time to explore our communication skills workshop.

  • Do you feel that you should have said something differently after a situation?
  • Can some relationships be better if you manage the communication more effectively?
  • Would you like to have a better control over your communication style?
  • Does you mind go blank in certain situations even though there’s so much to say?
  • Would you like to be calmer in important conversations?
  • Want to stand up for yourself, your team and people you care about?
  • Would you prefer to be more structured when speaking in a group?
  • Do you get nervous about public speaking?

We support various types of audiences such as those listed below. If you have questions, just write to us to setup a free telephonic consultation.

  • Freelancers and professionals
  • Educational institutions and students (adolescents and older)
  • Corporate and organizations
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Homemakers, moms, women returning to work after a sabbatical
  • Families (couples, parents, and siblings)
  • Senior citizens’ support homes
  • As per your needs/event, we offer a Smart (two-hours), Core (four-hours) or an Edge (eight-hours/full-day) program for communication skills.
  • Smart workshop participants address the fundamental elements of communication. They get to work on visual, verbal, & vocal elements of communication and body language. They learn to apply powerful affirmations and walk away enhanced self-awareness.
  • Core workshop participants cover everything in the Smart program plus get to understand communication barriers, learn effective listening skills and ways to manage emotions better in conversations. They harness the power of self-assessment and get to know their communication style. Participants walk away empowered for interactions.
  • Edge workshop participants cover everything in the Core program plus widen their horizons by focusing on communicating with groups. They learn powerful structures and tools for sharing their point of view, public speaking and to disagree gracefully. They start to walk the path of enhancing their social impact.
  • Our workshops are designed to facilitate engagement through stimulating discussions, role-plays, and activities.
  • Participants learn to use powerful tools and techniques and receive feedback and reinforcement.
  • Our workshops bring a shift through self-awareness, realizations, reflections, and actions.
  • Participants have fun while learning to enhance their effectiveness
  • Participants can opt for (discounted) follow-up coaching and ongoing support in their transformation journey.

Yes! We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer a tailored program to match the following needs and more:

  • Custom group size: Our standard plans support target groups between five (5) and twenty-five (25). For smaller or larger groups, we can tailor a package for you.
  • Custom Duration: We can customize the programs to increase/decrease the number of hours, or deliver workshops at your pace.
  • Custom Content: Besides the standard scope of our workshops, we can include additional focus areas that fit your specific context.
  • Custom Events: We are happy to contribute to special events such as a well-being week, women’s day, family day, outbound events and retreats, etc.

We usually deliver these workshops at a venue chosen and managed by the client. This could be at an office/campus, a hotel, or at a retreat.

Workshop participants become eligible for discounted follow-up coaching and ongoing support in their transformation journey. These would be virtual, Skype-based, personalized sessions.

We keep it simple. Just write to us with your requirements, group size, possible dates, and a contact number for us to setup a telephonic consultation.

Our standard package cost include the following:

  • Facilitator fee
  • Handouts, workbooks and/or other learning material for the workshop
  • Certificate of Participation (for full day programs only)

The workshop plans do not include the following:

  • Organizing or cost of a venue, refreshments, meals, stationery, projector, participant/facilitator transport and stay, and any other administrative cost.
  • Client bears the responsibility of making safe, clean and comfortable arrangements for facilitator’s transport and accommodation, as applicable.

Payment Terms and Payment Modes: We need a 50% payment to block our calendar and the remaining 50% 7 days before the agreed workshop date/s to confirm the booking. We accept payments via Credit, Debit Cards, and, for clients in India, even a direct bank transfer.

Changes and Cancellations: We are flexible. Should you need to advance / postpone the workshop dates, just let us know and we can reschedule to a mutually agreeable timeline. For cancellations up to 7 days before the workshop, we will refund 70% of the booking fee. For cancellations after full advance payment, we will refund 30% of the total fee.

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