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Well written words can lead to business conversions, stakeholder buy-in, and an engaged audience

Find an efficient and powerful way to say what you want to say. Be it a nonfiction manuscript, website, report, or brand communication, there are no second chances. Find your voice, develop a structure, and create connections for the right impact. Get an independent set of eyes to pore over all that plus the language, grammar rules, and more.

Hire an Editor!

  • Best for businesses and websites
  • Up to 10K words
  • Up to one review
  • Pay 100% advance to get started
  • Ideal for magazines and reports
  • Between 10K and 30K words
  • Up to two reviews
  • Pay 100% advance to get started
  • Best for nonfiction manuscripts
  • Between 30K and 60K words
  • Up to three reviews
  • Pay 100% advance to get started

Create the right connections

Hire an editor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Editorial Services

We consider your target audience, the strategic intent of publishing an artifact, review and revise the structure as needed, and emphasize on the flow. We also check for clarity of expression, English language, spellings, punctuation, grammar rules, and highlight key messaging where appropriate.

Additionally, for nonfiction manuscripts, we advise authors about developing an author-platform and the process and avenues for self-publishing.

Please write to us, stating the genre of publication, total word-count, preference for British or American English, and expected start and completion dates. We will respond at the earliest advising an appropriate package for your needs, and the tentative dates we can work with you.

Once you make the payment, send us your manuscript in either OpenDocument (.odt) or Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) file formats. After your job is complete, we will deliver two versions of the final document – one with tracked changes and a second with changes accepted. We work remotely and all communication is via email.

Typically, we work at a pace that allows us to be diligent and deliver quality solutions to clients. If we are in the midst of a project, we would let you know of an appropriate time for us to begin work. Alternatively, we can recommend other quality editors to assist you immediately – though they would have their pricing and methodology.

We seek to develop trust with our clients. That said, if you need a formal agreement, just send us a signed copy of the NDA via email. We will print, counter-sign, scan, and send it back to you.

Our editorial plans do not include document design, plagiarism checks, citation, footnotes, and references, editorial blurb, or treating non-English text.

Payment Terms and Modes: Clients make a 100% advance payment. We accept payments via credit, debit cards, and, for clients in India, even a direct bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: Our editorial service plans are non-refundable.

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