What could go wrong when I take a path of change and transformation in life?

Enemies of Transformation

It is never too late to start. Taking the path to transformation can be a liberating experience. Indeed, creating something new and moving away from the so-called ‘rat race’ is an exulting vision. Before you take the plunge though, you should know that this journey gets tougher. Be aware of these silent enemies of transformation that can break you apart, physically and/or psychologically.

The failure archives

If you look around, there will be enough and more people who want to do something different, to be like someone else, or to get to a different place. Some dream of a sabbatical to travel or earn on the move, while others may want to have an online business or a blog. Yet others might be in the quest to go back to school or create better well-being.

If you have met enough people, you’d know that justifying inaction is a common past-time. Statements such as “I wish I had more time”, “I wish I had more money” or “I wish I could just have the courage” may not be new. But we all know, opportunities and possibilities need to be created. Everything begins with a single step.

It is no exaggeration but we come across folks not satisfied with their current life, all the time. Folks who try to design alternate lives and fail. Folks who launch themselves on the path of transformation one moment and boom, they turn back the next. The experiences are then archived as ‘life’s lessons’ never to revisit. But do we really forget? Failures are not easy to get over. They find and haunt us at our lowest ebbs and might send us on a wild-goose what-iffery.

Fuel your transformation

A quest for transformation is usually characterized by an initial rush of hope and exuberance. It invariably begins with exciting ideas, gets fancier in the early stages as ideas take shape, but might evolve into something totally different. Its the nature of the beast.

Life transformations need time to bear fruits. It’s only when you cross a few milestones, when the going gets tough, when you feel the exhaustion, you start to ponder over what’s working and what’s not. That’s when some will march ahead, others may seek a recreational break, and while some others will let go and live with the satisfaction that they tried.

How to transform your life?
Fuel your Transformation

The internet is full of self-help books and articles about success. We do not want to add to what you already know. Anyone who dares to fuel life transformations knows a thing or two about how things function and what habits they need to succeed! We simply want to bring awareness to the table, to be mindful when hurdles appear, and to know your enemies. Please read on.

11 Enemies of transformation

Success is a subjective phenomenon. At the outset, let us be clear that there should be no shame or guilt if you choose to give up. Hey, it’s your life and you decide what to do with it and how. But, when you persist with your plans against the odds, beware of some silent enemies of transformation. With practice, these enemies can be subdued and managed, if not eliminated.

1. Self-doubt

When you do something with confidence, it shines. Hence, it is important to identify the factors that boost your confidence – be it your abilities, past successes, and failures, rewards, access to resources, personal dispositions, or your personality traits.

When you start something with a doubt, chances are it will drain your efforts. Constantly doubting whether you will be able to manage, whether you will be able to achieve your milestones, whether you have the right skills, whether you have the right guidance or the right support, will get you nowhere.

Maintain an uplifting mindset through your journey and learn ways to deal with situations when your confidence hits rock bottom. Develop strategies to manage self-doubt and take charge.

2. Negative self-talk

Isn’t it amazing that encouraging others comes naturally to us? How often have you told someone else – you can do it, you have it in you, and have faith in your capabilities. However, what many of us find difficult is to encourage ourselves.

The key lies in the kind of self-talk we do. You guessed it – self-talk is that little voice in the head. Converting your self-talk to affirmative or positive has a powerful elevating impact on our thoughts, actions, and overall demeanor. Techniques such as meditation, creative visualization, and affirmations come extremely handy to covert negative self-talk to a positive one.

3. Paralysis of overthinking

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that did not exist in the first place. When on a transformation journey, it is often necessary to take things on face value. Replace overthinking with helpful action-oriented reflections when creating something new. Reflections enable assessment, evaluation, and even course corrections. Reflections may not come naturally but can be learnt.

4. Lacking self-motivation

It is important to discover what motivates you. Things will get tough and there will be days when you feel disappointed or dejected. Accept that. When you realize this, you will know when to lift yourself up. What gets you kicking back in action? Is it watching a motivational video or movie, is it meditation, is it taking a break, or talking to someone trusted like a coach or a virtual counselor?

5. Being rigid

Planning is important. In fact, it is one of the key aspects of a transformation journey. For example, if you want to transform your career, you will need to plan for things such as funds, time, and skill development. However, your early ideas might evolve into something totally different and something better might emerge. Thus, it is also important to be flexible, open to the possibility of change, and embrace course-corrections. Do not allow rigidity to play spoilsport.

What are the challenges in life transformation?
Fight your Battles

6. Ignoring holistic well-being

Well-being is often a means to an end. Sometimes, we can get obsessed with the pursuit of a goal and overlook our health needs. If you ignore physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs while only stressing on the professional or financial quest, the imbalance will be visible soon. You’d notice symptoms such as anxiety, backaches, emotional vulnerability, irritability, or lack of sleep. Eventually, these will have a negative impact on your transformation journey. Learn to create balance and how to be mindful of your holistic well-being.

7. Lacking authenticity

Learn to take responsibility instead of fixing the blame elsewhere or justifying a shortcoming. It’s okay to make mistakes. For instance, its only human to underestimate an effort or an expenditure. However, when you realize the actual, gracefully admit your oversight and allow yourself to learn from it. Not being authentic with yourself about oversights or errors could create a false reality and derail your efforts.

8. Indulging in comparison

Create your own path instead of following on the tracks of someone else. Every life transformation is unique. Stop comparing yourself with others who appear to have tasted success in their projects. If at all, assess what they did and how. Learn from their experiences, but apply contextually-relevant lessons only. Do not let comparison paralyze your actions.

9. Isolating yourself

Staying in a silo for a prolonged duration can get dull. If you are on a new journey, isolating yourself will work only for a while. Eventually, you need to talk to people, meet them, and exchange thoughts. These bring in newer insights and act as a breather too. So, stay in touch with your friends, meet them once in a while, create a social script for this new phase of your life, or you could choose to work with a coach who doubles up to be a counselor and adviser.

10. Being a victim

Avoid being the victim. You might look at others and think – oh, this guy does not have financial or familial responsibilities. This is the fundamental attribution error we make. Everyone has challenges. The truth is you do not have a complete picture of someone else’s life and a tunnel vision can lead to a poor-little-old-me mindset. Instead, overcoming your challenges is the key.

11. Unreal expectations

Be pragmatic about your goals and milestones and how you plan to achieve these. Transformation projects have long gestation periods and expectations of exponential returns in a relatively short span can lead to dismay. Unrealistic scope definitions, timelines, and the size of an opportunity can burn you out. Assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and be realistic in your implementation.

You are a warrior

Life transformations need time to bear fruits. Think marathons instead of sprints. As you start on your transformation journey, it is important to keep a tab on these silent enemies and when necessary, seek help. Get the right weapons to fight your battles.

How can Unakriti help?

Choose to work with a Transformation Coach. Life choices can have long-term impacts. Assessing and coping with dynamic situations can be easier with someone who knows the path. We have been there and we can help.

Go beyond identifying and avoiding pitfalls. Transform your context and transform your chances of favorable outcomes. We design bespoke interventions that blend holistic well-being techniques in your transformation plan. All this while retaining your location flexibility and confidentiality.

How do I handle challenges of life transformation?
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