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Design Brand Stickiness

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Brevity is a virtue. Translate reams of brand information and strategy into something concise – a logo. Done right, the combination of shapes, colors, and text can do wonders for your business. Convey your identity, purpose, and values in an efficient and powerful manner. Allow your brand to speak for itself. Allow your brand a life of its own.

Get a Professionally Crafted Business Logo

  • Ideal for basic websites
  • 2 choices for Logo
  • 2 revision on selected
  • Logo format/s: PNG
  • Transparent Logo: No
  • Vector Logo: No
  • Pay 100% advance to get started
  • For blogs and brand sites
  • 3 choices for Logo
  • 3 revisions on selected
  • Logo format/s: JPG & PNG
  • Transparent Logo: Included
  • Vector Logo: No
  • Pay 100% advance to get started
  • For business websites and print
  • 3 choices for Logo
  • 3 revisions on selected
  • Logo format/s: JPG, PNG, & SVG
  • Transparent Logo: Included
  • Vector Logo: Yes
  • Pay 100% advance to get started

Design Brand Stickiness

Get a professionally crafted business logo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Logos

After you make an advance payment, email us a project document in either OpenDocument (.odt) or Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) file formats. The more background information you provide us the better it is for us to make creative recommendations.

We typically consider your target audience profile, business strategy, competition, business posture, values that your website or brand denotes, it’s mission and vision, and key messaging that your brand seeks to promote. Besides, we welcome your preferences for design elements such as colors, shapes, and any other detail.

We then synthesize and transform all that information into design drafts and present you with two choices via email. Based on your selection and feedback, we then refine and finalize the artwork.

Yes, We can work to custom specifications to suit your business needs. For instance, we could add more iterations, create multiple logo sizes for a brand kit, or create designs for individual products and services. Whatever you are thinking of, just write to us for a custom quote.

  • Rapid Plan: one logo in PNG file format with white background via email
  • Identity Plan: Two variations of the logo file – one PNG with transparent background and one JPG with white background – both delivered via email
  • Vector Plan: Three variations of the logo file – one JPG with white background, one PNG with transparent background, and one Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) version – all delivered via email

Typically, we work at a pace that allows us to be diligent and deliver quality solutions to clients. If we are in the midst of a project, we would let you know of an appropriate time for us to begin work. Alternatively, we can recommend other quality designers to assist you immediately – though they would have their pricing and methodology.

Payment Terms and Modes: All plans require a 100% advance payment. We accept payments via credit, debit cards, and, for clients in India, even a direct bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: Our logo plans are non-refundable.

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