Oracle Reading

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Seek Guidance!

Oracle Reading for Guidance

Seek clarity, gain insights, and exercise your free will.

We are protected, guided and supported by a universal energy. Tap into this omnipresent, compassionate and loving guidance to seek clarity, gain insights and exercise your free will to move forward.

Consult an Oracle Reader!

  • Session duration: 20 minutes
  • One card for single question
  • Pay advance to book
  • Sessions via Skype
  • Session duration: 40 minutes
  • Multiple cards for single question
  • Pay advance to book
  • Sessions via Skype
  • Session duration: 60 minutes
  • Develop plan plus visualization
  • Pay advance to book
  • Sessions via Skype

Oracle Reading for Guidance

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Oracle Reading

You could book an Oracle card reading session to address the following topics in your life

  • Dilemmas
  • Choosing a direction
  • Decision making
  • Changes and choices
  • Anything else you need clarity on

If your area of requirement is not listed, just send us a query via email and we will respond at the earliest possible whether and how we can assist.

We support clients aged 18 and above. If you have questions, just write to us.

Oracle Card reading can be seen as a tool for getting insights, understanding ourselves and our situations better, connecting with our spirituality, and exercising our free will to take actions. They help us to get in touch with our intuitive guidance to learn from the past, focus on the present and create a future. These are not definitive but directional realizations, to enable you to make your choices.

Send us an email request to set up a video/ audio call via Skype mentioning your question, choice of package and three preferred time-slots to schedule a reading. We will block a start date for you and email a link to agree to our terms of service and to make a payment.

Please note that keeping professional routines in mind, these sessions can be scheduled any day of the week between 10 am to 7 pm (IST).

Sessions are held virtually via audio or video calls on Skype only. There are three Oracle reading plans for you to choose from: Anchor, Develop, and Grow. We leverage decks based on the question sought and intuitive guidance. These could be Angel Card Decks, Magical Unicorns, Messages from Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, or any other.

Yes. We can customize your oracle card reading session based on the number of questions, duration, and frequency.

Payment Terms and Payment Modes: We take a 100% advance payment to block our calendar and to confirm the booking. We accept payments via Credit, Debit Cards, and, for clients in India, even a direct bank transfer.

Schedule Changes: We are flexible. Should you need to reschedule the session date/time, just let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we can work out a mutually agreeable time.

Late Sign-ins and No-Shows: If the client is late for a reading, the session will still end at the scheduled time. Also, to cover for an opportunity-loss, Unakriti reserves the right to bill the client for a no-show.

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