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How to plan a cycling tour from Manali to Leh?

Want to go cycling from Manali to Leh? This is one way to plan for it
– Before starting the trip, get your physical activity levels up as a gearing for the cycling regime. Do not overestimate your fitness.
– Practice bicycling especially, if you have not cycled for a while.
– Plan for atleast 3 weeks as the cycling tour itself takes close to 2 weeks.
– Contact YHAI India for upcoming schedule and requirements. They organize everything from route to bikes to stay and food. YHAI, that organizes such expeditions, arranges separate tents for men and women. Medical professionals in a well-equipped ambulance accompanies throughout. There is a team of people to fix more complicated breakdowns of bicycles.
– Make booking to get to Manali and return from Leh based on the cycling tour dates.
– Pack appropriately for different weathers and extreme cold weather too. Carry phone and camera along with battery back ups and basic medicines as per your needs.
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