From packing hacks to avoid going FUBAR! Here’s some expert advice including survival tips for backpackers. Learn how to prepare for your first backpacking trip. #unakriti #tapyouravatars #slowtravel #backpackingguide #travelguide #backpackingtips #traveltips #firsttimebackpackers #traveladvice #howtobackpack #backpacking #tipsforfirsttimebackpackers #ultimatebackpackingtips #firstbackpackingtrip

How to prepare for your first backpacking trip?

Planning your first backpacking trip? Here are some tips to prepare for first time backpackers
– Buy a good backpack – It should sit well on your back, have at least one outside mesh pocket and one external small compartment that can be locked and be around 40 liters of volume.
– Buy a daypack – Whenever you stay somewhere for more than a night, move all your day stuff into the daypack and get the backpack somewhere safe
– Pack right and pack light – Carry only the essentials. Plan on washing your things in hostel rooms and public laundries. Keep bulky gadgets away.
– Keep Documents Safe – Make three envelopes: one with all your original documents, driver’s license, etc. One with copies. And a third one with more copies. Always guard the originals like your life.
– Budget Transport – Start getting used to public transport and use it during all through your backpacking trip. Make the best of budget travel by taking as much non-plane public transit as you can.
– Budget Stay – Plan on to stay in a hostel, guesthouse or home stay. It is also a great place where you meet other backpackers.
– Home Connect – Identify someone in your family and always stay in touch with them, keeping them updated of your backpacking stay and travel.
– Backpacker’s Code of Conduct – You’re a guest wherever you go. Be an ambassador for your country, but be it in the context of your host country. Dress as the locals do. You’re traveling to meet new people and cultures, start by becoming one of them on the outside and letting them into your inside.
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