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How to Backpack Gokarna?

You must go backpacking gokarna and this is why and how
– It is a temple town, bound by mythical mountains and an ocean, with serene, pristine white sandy beaches and has fast emerged as a backpacker’s hotspot.
– It offers to be a perfect slow travel destination.
– It gives you chances to indulge in its pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere, amazing seafood, hikes and water activities, sunsets and Sunrises, spotting the dolphins, shack life, yoga schools and much more
– You could find convenient and multiple ways to get there – by train, bus, and flight (nearest airport is in Goa).
– Select from various stay options as beach shacks, hostels, or guest houses
– Best time to visit gokarna is between october to april.
– You can club your backpacking trip to gokarna by adding, Goa and Hampi to your list.
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