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How to plan a trip to Sanchi Stupa, a world heritage site in Madhya Pradesh, India?

Want to visit the world heritage site Sanchi Staupa in MP, central India. This is one way to plan a trip
– Get to Sanchi either by bus or train or flight based on your preference and budget,
– Make stay arrangements. There are few guest houses within walking distance of the stupa complex. Madhya Pradesh Tourism also runs a facility for budget travelers / backpackers which can be booked online.
– Go to the stupas and see all the main attractions – the Three Stupas including the sculptured Gateways or Torans; Hindu and Buddhist Temples; Remains of a Buddhist monastery and popular ‘great bowl’ of stone and Archaeological Museum.
– Try the local food and if you visit in summers, look for sugarcane juice. just make sure you buy it from a hygiene-conscious vendor!
– Don’t forget to click pictures of this world heritage site of Sanchi Stupa complex.
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