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How is the Sanchi Stupa in India?

Wondering what is Sanchi Stupa like in Madhya Pradesh, Central India?
– Sanchi Stupa Complex is a World Heritage Site.
– Toranas or gateways to the stupas are fascinating aspect of the complex.
– Sanchi Stupa offers the visitors with a great variety such as relics of many stupas, temples, sculptured Gateways or Torans, ruins of monasteries and much more.
– The episodes from Gautama Buddha’s life are depicted on the Northern Gateway – Stupa number 1.
– The southern gateway (torana) depicts the siege of Kusinara by seven kings.
– Sanchi Stupa site continued to flourish until 12th century CE and displays harmonious co-existence of Hindus and Buddhists with the temples in the complex from both religions.
– The Archaeological Museum is a must see and the main attraction of this museum are the remains of one of the original Lion Capitals of Ashoka – India’s national emblem.

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