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What are junk boats like for Halong Bay tours in Vietnam?

Wondering what a junk boat to Halong Bay in Vietnam is like?
– The name, junk, for boats can be misleading for someone unfamiliar with the shipping terminology.
– While these vessels with stretched sails trace their origin to China, India, and South East Asia, the name is allegedly a jarring European distortion of an Indonesian (Javanese) or the Malay Bahasa word jong.
– Ha Long bay is dotted with colorful sails, carrying company logos or names, and make for quite a scene to hold.
– The thing with junk boat tour is that it is all planned by the company and there’s little you need to do besides following instructions and keeping to the schedule.
– The junk boat typically has well designed and furnished cabins on different levels, there is a top viewing deck which also hosts activities, a dining section and a bar.
– The price ranges can be vast, so its important to do your research before making a choice.

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