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What are things to do in Halong Bay tour, Vietnam?

Get involved in all that the Halong Bay tour offers which could include
– Visit to Bo Hon island, popular islet to view the karsts from the inside in a series of limestone caves.
– Getting to Titov Island, for the panoramic views of the towering karsts scattered across turquoise waters.
– Going to Hang Luồn where tall karst towers surround the caves and calm ocean waters in to a giant lake. Here you get to see stilt houses, floating communities and get into a kayak too!
– An arranged social on the top deck until sun down on day 1 with a menu of diced dragon fruits and red wine until stock lasts.
– Squid Fishing experience at night.
– Tai Chi lesson in the morning of day 2.
– After breakfast, interested guests are invited to a demonstration of local cooking to prepare the day’s lunch menu.

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