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What are the must try food and drinks in Sa Pa, north Vietnam?

When is Sa Pa, do not miss out on the food and drinks of north Vietnam, you must try
– Hmong food in Cat Cat Village as most of their food is either roasted or barbecued. For vegetarians, you could try cornsticks and vegetables on sticks. For meat lovers, you have fish, chicken, bacon-wrapped mushrooms, frogs, and even birds.
– In Sapa town, you have many cuisines, from an Indian Bombay Restaurant to the continental-style Gecko.
– Though VietNam is known for pho, a popular savory noodle dish, and banh mì sandwiches, based on a variation of French baguette, Sapa lends its own twist to the menus. You would find delicious pancakes, baguette sandwiches and French toasts.
– In drinks, enjoy the hot teas such as apple cinnamon or ginger lemon cinnamon, fresh fruit juices, vietnamese coffee, and if you like alcohol, try the mulled wine and Vietnamese beers.

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